MIB Executive has been a very interesting and profitable experience for the knowledge I learned, the well-known professors and the fantastic colleagues I met.

Immersion in the program goes far beyond the traditional classroom experience and it has exceeded my expectations.

The program offers a great multicultural setting through its array of students with diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds.

For me it has been very challenging and demanding but worth the matter, it’s an intellectual tour the force that helps professionals like me to take their carriers to a new level.

I attended the first edition of the Executive class and I have been positively impressed by the prompt reaction of the organizational team managing obstacles and finding solutions to the small and unexpected inconvenient we faced.

Fabrizio – MIBer 2016-17

First, I would like to mention that my experience in the MIB – Executive is very positive. Particularly due to the interaction that exists between the classmates, and the availability of teachers and ease of communication with the MIB Team.

The MIB – Executive represents a fundamental gateway for redefining long-term professional goals.

The MIB – Executive modules are quite crucial and important. The contents presented in each of the modules are relevant, and has helped me to observe and analyse the business world from a global perspective. Although, I already have work experience, I am always learning new things, which will serve to improve my skills and to meet complex requirements of the business world.

In conclusion, my experience at MIB – Executive is quite positive and enriching.

Anibal – MIBer 2016-17

Coming from a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and Economics I chose the Università Cattolica once again for the  availability and preparation of all professors.

The MIB Executive Master Class is giving us the opportunity to redirect our careers, regardless of the field we came from and with the support of our tutor and the high skilled teachers this path he is going towards the road of success. In particular, The Project Work, which is the focal element of the course, is giving us the chance to put into practice and to stimulate our talent, representing a unique opportunity to shine one day in the workplace. Furthermore a figure of reference has been given to each one of us and we are followed by highly talented mentors. In my particular case, I am followed by a CEO of several companies, he will supports me for all the duration of the master for a business plan that will include the launch of a big and challenging start-up. This network of contacts that we have been provided with make the difference in the choice of the master MIB proposed by the Università Cattolica and create absolute and indisputable competitive advantages compared to other universities.

Elisabetta – MIBer 2016-17

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The University is both a lively community and a research hub, where students are urged towards constant and intense participation in academic life by taking advantage of the numerous opportunities for growth that the institution offers every day.